Stoned supports good causes in a number of ways. For every Margherita pizza we sell, a 10p donation goes to a local charity

we chose Encompass for this year (previously the Barnstaple Poverty Action Group). We also made donations to support children involved in Surf Life Saving. In 2015 we raised over £1,700 for good causes and it’s something on which we want to build.


We are concerned that there is a generation of children growing up without the ability to prepare good food from first principles, instead relying on processed and pre-prepared products.


We want to help by setting up a programme to teach children to cook healthy food in a way that is fun and engaging. One day each week want to have a free ‘Stoned Cookery School’ where we close the venue for an hour from 3.30pm and rearrange the tables to form a cookery class, accommodating up to 12 students. They will learn how to prepare a simple but tasty meal, making enough to take home to share with their family that evening.