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Margherita (V)


Perfectly simple and simply perfect. Certainly not to be underestimated, a combination of our special recipe zingy tomato sauce topped with A classic mozzarella and cheddar blend.



Salami really doesn’t get any better. Using only British free range pork and the curing methods of the top charcuterie makers in Europe this is second to none. A splash of red wine, peppercorns and a whole lotta’ love gets sliced up and whacked straight on your pizza.

mexican chicken & peppers


We take free range chicken and our home brew Mexican marinade. It’s packed with flavour and just right on spice. Combo this with some fresh crunchy peppers and you’re onto a winner... winner, chicken dinner. Sorry, we had to.

Summer veggie (V)


If your spirit animal is a rabbit, and you just can’t get enough of your veg, then this one’s for you. Classy spiralized courgette, balsamic red onions, cherry tomatoes, finished with pesto.

goat’s cheese, red onions & honey (V)


Making a strong return to the menu with the winning modification of honey, we’re feeling good about this one. life is sweet.

Feta, Spinach and Pesto (V)


We could have called this the Popeye pizza for an inside joke with the oldies. We can safely say this is a strong combination.

Chilli beef, jalapeño peppers & sriracha


How could we leave this off the menu? Other name suggestions included Mum’s leftover bolognese, but that would be doing it a disservice. Topped off with tomatoes and a mix of jalapeño peppers. It’s got a kick but the good kind. A fan favourite.


Salmon, Tomatoes and Spinach


It was a close call between this one and a fish finger pizza. We decided to be adults, tell us if you disagree with our choice. Topped off with some chopped capers.

Slow cooked beef, red onions & mushrooms


Think deep beautiful flavours only achieved by slowing down the pace of life. That’s a metaphor and a description for your next favourite pizza. Topped off with spring onions.

Blue cheese & Figs (V)


This one certainly fits the “finer things in life” criteria for this category. If you like blue cheese, your taste buds will die and go to heaven with the figs and balsamic glaze.

(V) Vegetarian   (VV) Vegan

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vegan margherita (VV)


If you like to keep life simple, this here vegan margherita is the one for you. Our zingy own-recipe tomato sauce, sourdough base, vegan cheese and a drizzle of vegan pesto.

vegan summer veggie (VV)


A vegan take on the summer veggie with vegan cheese, courgette, peppers, cherry tomatoes and vegan pesto. If it’s vegetables you’re after, look no further.

vegan mexican chicken (VV)


A plant-based chicken using the exact same marinade recipe as our free range chicken. All the flavours, none of the meat. Topped with crunchy peppers and, of course, the vegan cheese.

Vegan Honey Mustard Sausage, Tomatoes & Red Onions (VV)


Yes, this really is as good as it sounds. It could also be named the carnivore converter.

Vegan loaded burger (VV)


Yes this is a pizza and not a burger, and a flippin good one too. We take bite size pieces of vegan burger, add red onions, gherkins, vegan mayo and sriracha to make a vegan pizza like no other. You won’t be disappointed, this is a real winner.

Vegan chilli beef (VV)


If you love Chilli Beef but not the beef bit, our Plant Power version is for you. All the taste of it’s meat-head cousin, just a lot more mindful of you and the planet with Jalapeños, tomatoes and sriracha. Go for it!

Vegan BBQ Jackfruit, Jalapeño peppers & red onions (VV)


You’re not going to want to miss out on this one... another great choice for the people who like it hot. You can’t go wrong.

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Ham & Pineapple


Here we are. back with a blast from the past. Many people believe that pineapple on pizza is as wrong as ketchup on toast, others believe it’s heaven, you decide. Topped with rocket.

Meat Feast


What can we say beyond the name. It’s a feast of meat. Mexican chicken, pepperoni, chilli beef. You’ll be full in mind, body and soul and unlikely to need food for the foreseeable future.

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garlic bread (V)


Cornish sea salt, creamy butter, crushed garlic and a mix of fresh herbs spread over our classic pizza base. Batman has Robin, Pizza has Garlic bread.

cheesy garlic bread (V)


What can we say about cheesy garlic bread...? to be honest, it’s pretty similar to normal garlic bread, but with cheese. Feeling controversial. Add marmite on request

Tomato chutney garlic bread (V)


If you thought garlic bread should be left alone as it is, you’re wrong. This combination is truly a match made in heaven.