Front of house crew


Who we're looking for:

We aren’t looking specifically for kitchen/catering trained people with this role. We want people with the right attitude. You need to be engaging, confident and interesting so the customers want to talk to you, and you want to talk to them. Happy, friendly and fun so the working environment is the best it can be, and customers can see that. Enthusiastic and adaptable, so you can work in the variety or roles that we offer, and always work with a genuine love for what you are doing. Finally, passionate and ambitious, this is the first venue, so all the best crew from here will be taken forward and quickly move up the ranks as we expand.


The role:

You will be responsible for the visual/theatre part of the operation. You will be on show constantly and in a fast paced buzzing environment, engaging with customers and each other. This includes taking orders from customers, making them feel involved in the excitement. Rolling dough from the dough balls, and making dough balls. Topping the base, reading the orders, and then making up the correct pizzas, and cooking the pizzas in the wood fired oven. Throughout the daytime you will be in charge of making the many exciting beverages customers may order! And running other orders through the till, when not busy, you will help with social media ideas, and product trials. You will be trained to do all of these things- the Stoned way! The layout of the venue means you will be surrounded by the rest of your team constantly, so there will be a strong team spirit as you all work together as we’ve seen with the pop-ups, it’s an incredible environment to be in.



Team activities, legendary parties, free food when working, 50% discount at all sites when not working, cookery schools and training to improve your skills, personal/team reward schemes, 25 days holiday, and the famous Stoned uniform that so many dream of wearing.


About Stoned:

Stoned is a wood fired food company dedicated to producing the highest quality food possible, in a visual, engaging way, whilst having a load of fun. Over the last 3 years we’ve built our reputation operating pop-up sites and this is our first permanent premises of what we plan to be many - it’s a very exciting time to get involved. The venue is a take-out or eat-in and will offer pastries and breads throughout the morning, ‘sandwiches’ (not actual sandwiches) at lunchtime and pizzas in the evening. We’re based on the coast in North Devon so this could also be an exciting move for you if you are looking for a lifestyle change.


How to apply/Deadlines:

The venue opens in May, but we’ll need you with us by mid-April to get settled and at home with the rest of the team. Please submit a CV and a description of why you think you’re suitable for this role ASAP to 




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