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  • What time do you open?
    Most sites will open around 5pm, some will be earlier around 4pm. You're welcome to start queuing as soon as you like but please be patient as sometimes the oven can take a little while to warm up.
  • What time do you close?
    During school holidays it's unlikely to be before 9pm but likely to be before 10pm. Just chat to the staff or checkout the boards at your nearest location.
  • Where are you?
    Our locations vary year on year. Check out the locations link on the homepage for the most up to date informaiton.
  • Will you still open in bad weather?
    We open in all weathers except for wind speeds more than 60mph as it's dangerous for the hatches on our vehicles. Sometimes on nights with bad weather we will close early.
  • Why do you sometimes close early?
    There are a few times that we may close a site early. This is normally because we have run out of essential ingredients (like dough). Everything is prepared fresh everyday so we just have to make our best guess at how many pizzas you lot will want, outside of school holidays this can vary massively with no rhyme or reason! We're sorry if you missed out, we'd always recommend coming as early as you can.
  • Will you open exactly on time?
    We usually put an *ish on our information boards. This is because all our ovens are wood fired and need to come up to temperature. Because we're outside it's not as simple as "light it 20 minutes before you open". The wind and rain has a massive impact cooling the inside down meaning it can take much longer. We'd rather open a little late and serve the best pizza possible than on time and just hand you a pile of dough!
  • Can I pre-order?
    Due to the high volume of orders each night we are unable to take pre-orders for set days or times. Usually we try to keep the wait below 30 minutes... perfect time for a pint or three.
  • Can I pre-order for a large order?
    Due to the high volue of orders each night we are unable to take pre-orders for set days or times. Usually we try to keep the wait below 30 minutes... perfect for a pint or three.
  • Do you do discounts?
    As much as we'd love to serve everyone pizza for free, we have to make a living too. So no, no we don't.
  • Can we phone up and order?
    We like to keep things face to face. Orders in person work much better! If you want our number you should just ask *blushes*
  • Can I order, leave and come back to collect?"
    We actively encourage going for a stroll to take your mind off waiting and to prevent drooling.
  • Does the wait time start from the front of the queue?
    Yep! If there's a big queue the wait time will increase the further back you are. Don't panic, we get through orders pretty fast!
  • Do you do half and half pizzas?
    At the moment this isn't something we offer, there are a few logistical things that make it very difficult. One day we hope to though!
  • Do you sell kids' pizzas?
    Not right now. We suggest children either share a half and half, have half a pizza and half a garlic bread, or have half now and eat the other half cold. Either that or rise to the challenge and boss through it all.
  • Do you sell drinks?
    At some sites we do, some we don't. Check the menu when you arrive, if not there are likely to be some lovely places nearby.
  • When is your quietest time?
    Right at the beginning of the night is the only time you could be guaranteed a fast order. After the first fifteen minutes it's in the hands of the gods. Orders come in really unpredictably so it's anyones guess.
  • Can I just buy a raw ball of dough?
    A lot of nights over the season we sell out or use almost everything we have. This means whilst we're happy to sell you a ball of dough, they will cost you the price of a garlic bread (£5 or £6).
  • Can I add to my order after placing it?
    If it's quiet then this shouldn't be a problem, just ask the team! If it's busy we MIGHT be able to slip one extra pizza in, but anymore it's likely you'll be asked to queue again. This is due to the incredibly tight times that we operate at.
  • Can I change my order after placing it?
    If it's already in the oven we are limited as to what we can do, if not then it shouldn't be a problem! Just ask the team.
  • Can we email in and order?
    Afraid not, we're still into keeping things personal, come up to our friendly team and place it with them.
  • Do you take card?
    All our sites are CARD ONLY. We repeat CARD ONLY.
  • Do you take cash?
    It's CARD ONLY for now folks!
  • Can I order and then go and get my card to pay?
    It's payment on ordering please! Without the completion of the transaction the order ticket won't be printed and so won't be put in the queue to be cooked. Come prepared folks!
  • I think I've been charged twice...?
    If you tapped your card on our reader and the payment didn't go through you will have been asked to tap again. This may result in what looks like two charges on your bank statment. DON'T PANIC. The transactions are just pending, our bank won't take both so the other will disappear in up to seven days. A receipt is printed for every successful transaction, if you really did pay twice, you'll get two sets of your order.
  • How long can a refund take?
    If we've accidentally charged you for something you didn't want we'll process a refund, this can take up to seven days to appear back in your account. If you have any queries please contact us quoting the last four digits of the card you paid with.
  • Do you do gluten-free bases?
    Yes, but they are limited. We bring five bases a night as sometimes we'll sell none for days on end, other days we sell out instantly. These bases aren't suitable for coeliacs as they are cooked in the same oven as other pizzas and prepped in the same area resulting in unavoidable cross contamination.
  • Are your pizzas suitable for nut allergy sufferers?
    We don't recommend any of our pizzas for nut allergy sufferers as all ingredients are prepped in a kitchen that contains and handles nuts.
  • Do you do vegan pizzas?
    Of course! We have a great vegan section on the menu on each site, take a look and send us your thoughts.
  • Does your sauce have garlic in?
    Yes it does, unfortunatlely we don't hold stock of sauce without garlic so if you have an intolerence we'd suggest opting for a sauceless one!
  • Can we pre-order a gluten free base?
    Sorry, we don't take pre-orders of any kind, come as early as you can! As demand grows for gluten free bases we'll increase the amount we bring to reduce the risks of running out.
  • Can I choose my own toppings?
    We tend to suggest you stick to the menu simply because going rogue can end up quite expensive. We charge 50p per veg, £1 per cheese, £2.50 per meat. If you're still keen just ask the staff!
  • What's your hottest pizza?
    They're all about 400 degrees when they come out of the oven... sorry... probably the chilli beef, but you can add chilli flakes or sriracha to any of them. Some of our sites will carry the extra hot sauce, just ask!
  • Can I bring my own toppings?
    Due to food safety we can only handle ingredients that have been prepped in our kitchen so we can be sure they are safe to eat. Modify your pizza until your heart's content once we hand it over.
  • Is your base sour-dough?
    Yes! We use a 10 year old starter dough to make all our dough across all sites. Unlike metabolism, our starter gets better with age.
  • Can you cater for our wedding?
    Unfortunately this isn’t something we offer at this moment it time.
  • Can you come to our event?
    If you operate a music festival or large event and would like Stoned to be there please contact with full details, we'll get back to you if it's something we can work out.
  • Do you do staff parties?
    Unfortunately this isn’t something we do at the moment.
  • How do I get a job at Stoned?
    The absolute best thing to do would be to come and speak to us when we're open. That way we can give you the quickest response possible or take your details. If it looks like we're really busy then send us a direct message on Instagram or email We usually hire the new staff for the season around March so that's your best chance. Other than that it's just topping up here and there. If you're exceptional we'll always find space for you.
  • Can you donate to our charity?
    We support a wide variety of charitable causes on an ongoing basis along with choosing one special per month. If you'd like us to consider you for our monthly charity please drop us an email explaining who you are and why your cause is important.
  • Can you sponsor me as an athlete or our sports team?
    If you compete at a national or international level and are looking to secure funding to progress your career and support your training please send us an email to telling us all about yourself. We'll review your application and get back in touch if it's something we believe we can help with.
  • How do you know if a pizza is cooked?
    Due to the speed of our ovens, our pizzas cook differently to some others. They are likely to have browning areound the edge, brown patches underneath, but will remain soft (ish). It's also likely that there will be a layer just under the sauce which some people may confuse with being raw. Don't panic. It's cooked. It's just where the liquid meets solid. Charring around the edge is also normal for food cooked so close to the fire.
  • How many pizzas do you cook a night?
    There really is no useful answer to this. Some nights we sell nothing at all, others we sell quite a few. Whatever we tell you, it's probably about as accurate as the brexit deadline was.
  • Where is my pizza?
    Patience is a virtue. Our wait times are only approximations and may vary up to 10 minutes. We try to be as accurate as possible, but sometimes there are unforeseen issues. We're only human.
  • Do you have takeaway menus?
    We feel like paper menus are a one-use type thing. For that reason we try to avoid them. Just snap a photo on site, or take a look on the website, that way you can keep it forever.
  • Do you sell your tshirts?
    Not yet, but perhaps one day!
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