The Stoned Story
dough perfection
stone bake oven flames
stoned early days
Stoned North Devon pizzas

We made a commitment to ourselves that we maintain today: to use the best ingredients we can find, whilst sourcing as much as possible from here in the South West as a priority. Take our dough, for example: organic stoneground flour, organic yeast, organic extra virgin olive oil and Cornish sea salt. We combine them in a 24-hour fermentation to develop the best flavour. Our free-range chicken and rump steaks are from the local butcher, cheeses are from Longmans Dairy in Somerset and our lobster is landed in the nearby harbour of Clovelly. 

Stoned Wood Fired Food Pizza
Wood Fired Oven behind Dough
Freshest best local ingredients
wood fired oven chimney

STONED is the pizza company I started back in 2013, aged 16. It all began as a holiday job, with a small wood-fired oven, four friends as employees and just two campsites. We would arrive at the site, set up the prep benches and the oven to form our outdoor kitchen. flour would be flying, olive oil glugging and the fire roaring. People would gather round as we mixed and kneaded the dough on site, asking us about how we made our pizza. Effectively we created a ‘show’ for our customers – we call it kitchen theatre – and people totally loved it.



Cutting up fresh dough
Best wood fired pizzas
Stoned ingredients
Stoned wood fired food